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We are an Authorised Dealer to help you get all your material needs from Jindal Saw Ltd. We deal in Ductile Iron Pipes and HDPE Pipes in Delhi. Dial +91-90510-55589 for more information or a free quote!

Jindal Saw Limited is committed to the strategic thinking of being a Total Pipeline Solutions Company and continues to reign supreme in the energy transportation sector while also entering into the ductile iron pipes business which services the fast-growing water and waste-water transportation segment. The company has two blast furnaces to ensure an uninterrupted supply of hot metal that goes into creating piping systems meant specifically for transporting water, oil, and fuel products such as gasoline, alcohol, biodiesel (B100), clean diesel, crude oil, LPG (liquified petroleum gas), ethanol, kerosene, jet fuel, liquid gas (LNG - liquid natural gas) and biofuels such as palm oil-based B20 or B5 Petronas gas.

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Contact Us :- +91 - 90510-55589

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